Copying email share


When we make the email shares, there is no possibility to copy them. This means we have to make the shares over and over again in the same survey.
We would find it extremely handy if the possibility would exist to copy an email share, with the same texts and layout already in them.


Do u want to add clone email share when they click the menu like this image?

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Yes, that’s what I mean.


Yes! this is something we need to do and I will put a word to my product team about this.

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Hi @Jeroen_Cornelis

Trust you are keeping well.

Reaching out with an update to this request, we are in the testing phase, and we will deploy it soon; we will keep you posted as soon as we deploy the same.



HI @Jeroen_Cornelis,

We have some good news :loudspeaker:

Now you can copy the email share using the Clone email share option.

More details are here.

Feel free to reach us for any support. :wave:t4:

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Thank you guys. This will be very useful.