Deleteing question mean cannot find exisitng survey responses

Hi at end of survey i deleted question to ensure people who went to survey page knew it as closed and to share further information about what next. I can no longer download the the responses and or report. Where is the survey data?
Thanks Chris

Hey Chris! Can you elaborate on your question a bit?

Once your survey is closed or deleted, you can no longer receive any responses for that survey. Similarly a deleted question in a survey will not fetch any response. Would you please make sure your survey is up & running? Also, the closed surveys can be directly accessed from your survey dashboard. You can restore it and access the survey results if you wish.


Had a survey run through July

Had 400 plus responses.

I thought I would be smart and delete the questions rather than close it so I could communicate potential respondees what is happening.

However After I deleted every question i now cant download those answered that had already been submitted

The summary shows 422 responses but when look at results say need to create questions

I am happy for you to llok in at the backend

ANy help appreciated


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Hi Chris,

Deleting a question from the survey would lead having the responses attached to it to be deleted as well :frowning:

Could you help us with the email id & the survey name that you are referring to, we will perform few checks from the backend to see if we can help in anyway :slight_smile: is the user (Me)
Atttatched image is the survey name




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Hi Chris,

Trust you are keeping well.

I am raising a ticket to follow up on this issue and share the details, will get in touch with you via ticket.


Hi Chris,

I have responded from the ticket asking for some details, would appreciate if you can share them.


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