Creating subfolders

Currently we are facing the issue that when we put a survey on “closed”, that the results can no longer be seen by restricted team members.
We wanted to do this to keep it organized.

Now, what really would be handy is that you guys let us create “sub workspaces”. Very much like Windows let you create subfolders. That way we can create our own structure with main- and sub workspaces.

Hi :wave:t4:,

Thank you for posting the questions. Currently, we have something called sub-accounts which helps u to create a subfolder kind of group as you described.

Please visit our pricing page for more details.

Hope this helps.

Yes I know, but this is a feature for the Elite plan. Also, that seems more like an option which isn’t it’s intentional purpose.
Developing the option the let us create workspaces within workspaces would benefit everybody using the platform, regardless of price plan. :money_mouth_face:


I will pass this requirement to my Product team and will update you when they come up with a timeline.


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