Changes in Employee Directory


In an effort to better manage and organize employee contacts, we are migrating the contacts associated with 360 into the Employee Directory. This document outlines the changes involved in the migration process.

Process of Migration:

  1. Transfer of Contacts: All contacts associated with 360 will be transferred to the employee directory.

  2. Properties Copy: Properties present in the Contacts Section will also be copied to the Employee Directory.

  3. Introduction of New Properties: The employee directory will now have new pre-defined properties such as 'Departments' and 'Teams', which are interdependent. If you already have these properties in the Contacts section, we will make a copy of these properties in the employee directory. To avoid label conflicts with the predefined properties in the directory, the label of the property 'Departments' will be changed to 'Department_Default_Unused', and the label of the property 'Teams' will be renamed as 'Teams_Default_Unused'.

  4. Smart List Migration: When we do the migration, we will make a copy of the smart list used in contacts to the employee directory and move the 360 contacts under the copied smart list. For example, if a smart list called 'SurveySparrow' (containing normal and 360 contacts) is used in an email share, we will create a smart list called 'SurveySparrow_Employees' and move the 360 contacts under this smart list. This will result in two smart lists in the share - 'SurveySparrow' (contains normal contacts) and 'SurveySparrow_Employees' (contains 360 contacts). The newly created smart list will also be available in the Employee Directory.

  5. API and Integration Mapping: Contacts generated through API and Surveysparrow Audience integration will exclusively be mapped to the 'Contacts' section and not elsewhere.

Organisation of Features:

Along with these changes, we have also moved the Export, Columns, Manage Imports, and Manage Properties in the Contacts section inside the ellipsis (three dots icon) for better organization.


We hope these changes will enhance your experience and make it easier to manage your employee contacts. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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