Bipolar Matrix Question Type

Welcome to the future of survey questions - it's here, and it just got a whole lot more interesting! With Bipolar Matrix you can quickly and easily compare two diametrically opposed ideas or concepts on the same scale. Get the most accurate data possible with this great new question type, without having to ask multiple questions. So don't delay - try out this exciting new technology today! You won't regret it. :wink:

  1. Click Add New and choose the Bipolar matrix question type.

  2. You can now start editing the question.

  3. Add contrasting statements on either extreme of the matrix.

  4. To add a row, click Insert and choose Insert row.

  5. Add the scale of preferences as column headings.

  6. To add a column, click Insert and select Insert column

Kindly refer to this help article for more details regarding the Question Display Style and Score Calculation on Reports.

Hope it Helps!!


Max-diff question type is a much better way to address the above need. It is reverse of what has been proposed here. the statements are in the middle whereas the extreme choices are on both ends of the statement. max-diff question type