Automate Employee Onboarding

A good Employee Onboarding Process helps to improve employee engagement and clear communication within the team and organization. Automating the Onboarding process will increase the employee retention rate.

Let us understand how surveysparrow surveys automate your employee onboarding experience.

Step 1:
Click new survey, choose a classic survey, and navigate to browse template section to search and select employee onboarding survey.

Step 2:
Choose the template and edit the questions (if needed). You can also customize the look and feel by changing the colors in the design section.

Step 3:
The survey can be integrated with daily communication tools like Slack & MS Teams. You can share this survey with your newly joined employee through Slack/ MS Teams and they can respond to it within the app itself. No need to open the new tab or window to. More details on integrating with Slack and MS Teams.

Step 4:
All the Insights will be still visible in the Result section of the survey.

Thus we were able to capture the Onboarding Experience Feedback using SurveySparrow surveys.


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