Auto detection language for email share


Currently we have to setup an email share per language to send it out. When uploading contacts, we need to add a language per contact.
It would be extremely handy that we can make 1 email share with all the languages and that the system auto detects which language it should send out to which contact.

For instance: creating an email share in English and in that same share adding Dutch and French.
Then, we have a list of contacts with 20 English, 30 Dutch and 50 French people. When we send out that email share to that list, the system should now which language it should send to the French and so on.
Based on the language that is linked in the contacts details, this would be very handy.

We have many surveys in various languages. That way we don’t have to make an email share for each language.

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I will pass these details to my product team and get back to you when we come up with a timeline.


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Highly needed, would love to see this feature in production soon! :slight_smile:

Hey Johanna1,

Thanks for the feedback. We will pass this on to our product team. :crossed_fingers:t4: