Problem with question navigation after changing responses

Has anyone noticed that the navigation doesn't change if someone chooses to edit their response? ie. the display /skip logic doesn't reset after the original section. So once the surveyed chooses an answer that takes them down one logic path, they can not see the questions from the other logic paths if they were to change their answer.

Example. I have three paths setup using the display / skip logic for rating the potential of taking a course 1-6. The bottom three scores send them to a clarifying question and then ends the survey. If someone picks five or six, they are asked where and when they would like to take the course.

If I first answer with zero or one, the survey takes me to the end of the survey (as programmed). On the last page, I can "edit responses." If I then change the response to six, no new questions appear. It stays on the last page. It is as if the logic is stuck based on the first response.

Hi @srjambor :wave:,
Thank you for reaching out.

I tried replicating the issue on my side and failed, maybe I am doing something wrong.
I have some doubts regarding the logic set up, to make it easy, can you please share the survey URL if possible, so that we can test it out on our side?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


hi. here is the link. We're building a PM Course for Chicago... We're building it for YOU!

thanks, Steve


Thanks for sharing the survey. We would like to understand how you construct your logic in the survey. Feel free to book a meeting here.