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Hi, I create a new survey and for each question, I want to add an image. My question is what is the optimal image size (width, height) in order to maintain a proper quality on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)

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The default image size for a Picture Choice question is 200*146 px.

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Thanks, but I guess there is a misunderstanding. I’m not asking about the picture choice spec, I’m asking about images that I’ll use with questions type like Opinion scale , multiple choice - so, with each such question I want to add an image (to improve the experience), so I wonder what’s the best image size to use in order to support multiple devices (desktop, tablet, phone).
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My apologies for the misunderstanding. Since the imagery may vary in terms of dimension and orientation, we cannot have a fixed ideal size. Although, we have some rules for making the images responsive in all viewports (tablets, pc & mobile) as follows:

  • Large Desktop Monitor

    max-width: 900px
    max-height: 350px

  • Small Desktop Monitor

    max-width: 600px
    max-height: 350px

  • Mobile Devices

    max-width : 100%
    max-height: 350px

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