Link telephone number

In some texts it is possible to insert a link to the data protection text, for example. You can also link an e-mail address at these points. Unfortunately, this does not work with a telephone number. It would be nice for the user to be able to select a telephone number with one click. (a href="tel:0049123456")

Hi @witczak

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I am unsure whether I understood the issue correctly. Do you mean the phone number when entered should be clickable?

Please share additional details. Many thanks


Hi Survey Sparrow Community,

We often link to alternative contact options in the privacy policy. For example, an email address or a telephone number.
The e-mail address can be linked via "mailto:xyz", the telephone number via "tel:123" unfortunately cannot.

I hope that was a little clearer.

HI @witczak,

Yes! This is something we need to improve. Let me pass this to my product team and will update once they have a timeline on this.

Many thanks :wave:t4: