Incorrect data for multiple choice questions in the API

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I have surveys where I use 'image' and 'multiple choice' questions. For some of these I allow multiple answers, for others I don't.
I tried to export the questions through the endpoint but encountered some unexpected values: the limit type is "UNLIMITED" for both types of questions. I would expect a different limit type for questions that don't allow multiple answers and the max_limit field to be 1. There's no way to discern between these two types right now as far as I can see.
Here's a snippet of the API response for two questions that hopefully illustrates the problem:

It would also be nice if there was a field to indicate if a question is required, but that's a feature request :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for bringing this up. Indeed this is something ambiguous for the users and I will notify the concerned team.

"rtxt": "Allow single choice",
/* type: for the single choice  question shouldn't be UNLIMITED and the max value and min value should  be 1*/
/* Question Required or Not Required Option should be there */

Feel free to reach us for any queries. :wave:t4:

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We made these changes in our API V3. Now whether the question is skippable or not can be identified via


And for a single answer to a Multiple choice question, we have added a parameter

 "multiple_answers": false
"rtxt":"Multiple choice - Allow 1 answer"
"multiple_answers":false /*This is by false for Single Answer*/
"is_required":false /*Informs whether the question is mandatory or not*/

Hope this helps :sunglasses:

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