How to track where the respondent dropped off in the survey

Hello community. I would be interested to know, where in the survey the respondents dropped off. The idea is to re-visit the questions and determine, if they can be re-phrased, make them easier to understand and therefore answer.
Any idea?

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You can navigate to the report section and create a custom report based on partially submitted responses. Below image for reference.

Then you can visit the particular question which was least answered and rephrase it accordingly. For example, in the below image Contact Form Question is being skipped by the respondents.

Note: - This is applicable if you have enabled partial submission in your survey settings.

Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out for any clarifications.


Update :loudspeaker:

Hi @martin.motovsky

We have released Drop-Off statistics feature. more details are on this thread.

Hope this will solves your issue. Feel free to share your feedback :sunglasses:


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