Function Fix critical for clients

It appears that when I ADD evalutors (email addresses) to the Invite page, it 'automatically' sends an invitation to the receipent without any notification to me, the user.

This poses a huge problem for both me and the client(s) -

  1. The system never tells me the assessment is sent - and it should at minimum confirm this.
  2. Because it didn't, a user will then hit the Remind Evaluator since there is no other button to send it... and I would want to initiate that, not have it done automatically
  3. If a user was not done creating the survey, but wanted to add the list of evaluators in, and then an email is automatically sent, then that creates a huge issue for them, me, and your company.

Hi @bernadetteboas,

The emails that are part of the 360 assessment, can be disabled.
Please find the screenshot below.

Hope this please.


Jay, my feature request has nothing to do with emails... it has to do with the lack of notification being provided when someone ADDS evaluators to the below screen,

  1. the system doesn't notify the user who entered the email address(es) that the assessment has been automatically sent.

  2. What if I wasn't ready to send the assessment as I needed to finish setting it up, but I wanted to add all of the emails in advance. It would automatically send an email of an incomplete survey to one or more evaluators.

Make sense?