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This might have been discussed a couple of times but with a quick search I got nothing out of "cookie", so I just ask you experienced people:

Is there a way to activate/enable/integrate a cookie consent declaration like we have to do in europe for a couple of years now? Maybe there is and I didnt find it so far?

If there would be no possibility to do so, I would have to look for another survey tool :frowning:

Thanks a lot and kind regards from Germany


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I am unsure whether I have understood your question. Are you referring to the consent question type similar to this

So the End customer will have a Screen like this.

Or is it something else? Please clarify.


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Wahab hello!

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YES! Thats exactly what I need - however: We have to place a link where you can see all terms and conditions and what data will be used and saved and so on.
Actually, we also have to offer a possibility to agree or to adapt the cookie conditions but thats some kind of well lets say loophole seems to be the right word here.

Anyways, I need to make all the terms and conditions reachable right next to this consent without having the person to agree first - is that possible too?

EDIT: Would it be possible to put a link to such into the description line?

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I got it
You can mark a text in the description line and use the then popping link symbol to generate a link.

Thanks for the start up Wahab! :wave:

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Glad that you could fix the link issue :smiley:.

Feel free to reach us if you have any more questions.