Anchoring 'Other' and 'None of these' options

Hi all! I noticed that when I use the multiple choice question and apply randomisation, sometimes the 'Other' and 'None of these' options get randomised too. Is there a way to get them anchored at the bottom of the answer list? I'm still testing the survey, so not sure if this is just a temp bug. But I can't seem to find a setting for how to position the answer options either. Does anybody know?

Thanks a bunch!

Hi Vesi,

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I am trying to reproduce the issue but I cannot. Added images below for reference.


Can u please share some videos/images of how you configured it?
It helps us to identify the problem. Thanks.


Thanks for your reply!
I made a screenshot of what I’m seeing in the view tab for this question. It’s in bulgarian, but you can see the highlighted option (Other). The second to last option is None of these. So they seem to have been randomized.


Thanks for the details. I will loop my @SurveySparrow_Support team to reach you and fix the issue.

@SurveySparrow_Support we couldn’t reproduce the issue. attach loom video for reference.
This might be either account specific or browser-specific issue.

@vk.valkova please share your account details/survey details with my support team when they reach you via chat/email/call ( Not here or in any community post).


Hi all,

Just wanted to follow up on this, as the issue still persists. Is there another channel I should be posting this to?

Many thanks, Vesi

Hi team,

Thanks again for all the support! I was able to fix this by removing and adding back up the other and none of these options. So it’s all good now, but you might want to look into it just in case.

Best, Vesi

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We are glad that the issue has been fixed. Nevertheless, we shall investigate and try to understand what better could be done in the future. :grin: