Adding Timer to Surveys

I see it quite useful to have a countdown timer option to be allocated to survey as a whole. Sometimes, it is important for me to know that the respondents have answered the questions within a certain time, knowing the there are some sort of time pressure while thinking of the answers, and possibly avoiding any cheating for making up the answers they are not sure about.

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Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion :sunglasses:. This is something we are looking to implement and update you when we come up with a timeline. :date:


Hi, I’m looking for a simular solution. Sometimes, we want respondents to view a video. A page timer would be great, so people cannot skip the video easlily.


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The countdown timer/page timer is something we are working on. And we would like to understand more about how the video works :thinking:? Is this something embedded in the survey or as a separate question?

Please clarify :slightly_smiling_face: