Adding branding to the footer

When we create surveys for companies, they want just their logo in the header. However, to show who made the survey, we would like to add our company’s logo in the footer – much like how the Survey Sparrow badge is there. Currently, you can only add text to the footer, but we would like to add an image.

Hey Julie2,

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts :grinning:. Currently, we don’t have this feature but there is a workaround :rocket:.

You can use CSS customization feature to add your company’s logo. More details on how CSS Customization works link :link:.

If you want to understand what code snippets need to be added (to add the logo in the footer) please share your email id and we will email the CSS code :envelope_with_arrow:.

Hope this helps.



Thank you for your fast reply! I would love additional help setting up the CSS code.


Thank you very much!


Shared the code via email. :smile: