Reduce the space between the image and the Yes/No buttons

Greetings. I set up survey, most of the questions are Yes/No and have the two Yes No tiles appearing below the image. The description field is empty on all questions. If I have a question that is only a single line, I'm OK however if my question is longer and 3 or 4 lines (on mobile) the viewer would have to scroll to see the Yes/No tiles. To avoid confusion I'm wondering if there is a way to reduce that space? THANK YOU

Hi @nick1 !

Hope you are doing great!

This generally happens when 2-3 lines are present below the image, but we can check this for you. Can you please help us with the name of the survey so that we can check and help you with CSS code if required?

M. Venkata Abhijith

Thank you for replying. The survey name is: Cortisol imbalance

Thanks for the details, @nick1

We have made a few changes to the survey "Cortisol imbalance". Can you please check if that is what is expected on your end?

It looks much better. THANK YOU!

Glad the issue has been resolved, @nick1 .Please feel free to reach out to us, if there is anything else I may assist you with

M.Venkata Abhijith