Can I have a group of questions and show only x of them each time?


Is it possible to have, for example, a pool of 10 questions and randomly show only three of them each time around for a respondent?

I am planning a recurring employee survey and it would be nice to get some data on those questions, but it does not have to be every time they answer. Thus, I could show only three questions out of the pool of then questions and keep receiving data on those over time.

Is there such feature on SurveySparrow as I could find it?

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Hello @Dr_Janne_Ohtonen! Thank you for suggesting the feature to us! :slight_smile:

The use-case looks interesting. Let me check this with my product team and update you on the same.

Much obliged, @Kaushik_Vikram_Balaji
I have used this feature with Qualtrics for years and I found it especially useful for surveys where there is big enough sample to get enough information for each question without having to ask it from everyone. It also works well for internal surveys where you only need some data points and not from everyone. It makes the surveys much shorter and still gives you data on those questions.

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Seconding this strongly! I have been looking for something similar. I would also simply want to be able to randomly split a sample between two versions of the same question or even have alternate versions of a survey, which could all be achieved with this feature.


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I am unsure whether I understand the question correctly :thinking:.
What u mean by randomly split or alternate version? Can u share more details on this?


Thanks! I mean that when someone answers the survey they see one of two questions but not both. New respondents would be randomly assigned to one version or the other.

The same effect could also be achieved with the question pool feature described earlier. Or even simply with a pseudo-random number generator as a custom variable.