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Sharing Surveys
Sharing Surveys

Sharing surveys with your audience.

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Embedding Your Survey in Web Pages

Embedding your survey gives you the option of embedding feedback surveys in website or products. Embedded surveys provide insightful data such as usability, user impressions, and how effective the user found your website. You can also use embeds to collect... (More)

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Understanding Email Surveys

You can share your survey using various channels like Email, WebLink, Social etc.,
Please note that it is possible to send out your surveys via Email only after your SurveySparrow account is validated using the verification email sent to you.... (More)

Sharing Surveys

When it comes to collecting feedback, multichannel reach is the way to go. SurveySparrow enables seamless survey sharing through a variety of channels, providing flexibility and convenience that is deeply appreciated by customers.

You can share your surveys across the... (More)