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Frequently asked questions about SurveySparrow

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Delete survey responses

Deleting survey responses gives you the ability to remove unwanted responses from your survey. You can also test your survey responses and delete it before sending out, the live survey to your audience.

To delete survey responses from your account,... (More)

Hello there,

Yes, on the Basic plan we do have limit of 100 surveys that can be created and 1000 Responses Per Month. 

Do let us know if we can help you with anything else please! :)


Allowing participant to change their answers.

Is it possible to allow a survey participant to change their answer once the survey is submitted?

How do I create a Sub Account?

SurveySparrow helps you manage all users under one roof. Each user or team can have sub accounts to manage surveys independently under just one parent account. With sub accounts, you can keep survey data safe and access all accounts from... (More)