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Dashboard & Reports
Dashboard & Reports

Analyze survey responses with the Reporting module

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‘Compare’ helps you understand the relationship between the data in different survey questions in a survey report. With this feature, you can:

  1. Group responses and cross-tabulate it to compare them against the rest of the questions.
  2. Identify Customer Behavioral patterns.... (More)

Exporting Survey Responses

If you wish to slice and dice the data with a 3rd party softwares like Tableau, you can export the data from our Responses section.
SurveySparrow creates a detailed tabulated column consisting of the start and completion time of survey,... (More)

Analysing responses at question-level

The main purpose of conducting a survey is to gain important and useful data. SurveySparrow has a rich dashboard which helps you gain in-depth analysis about the survey responses.
The Results section is dedicated to helping you provide a detailed... (More)

Advanced Reports Filters & Hidden Questions

Data collection process can be deemed successful when you can collect crucial insights from it and gain broad perspectives. With advanced reporting filters, you can skip scanning through multiple checks and view the data you wish to analyze instantly. For... (More)