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Creating Surveys
Creating Surveys

Create surveys easily with multiple features.

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Yes, you can randomize the order of the appearance of questions. In order to do so, please open your survey > Build > Config (located on the left sidebar) > General Settings>Access. You will be able to find... (More)


Expressions help you to evaluate the respondent, based on the answers provided by them. You can create a mathematical formula using Expressions and show the results in the Thank you page. You can also see the calculated values in reports.... (More)

Creating surveys using SurveySparrow

Want to create a conversational survey? Whatever be your requirement, we have all the tools and plenty of choices to make your survey creation a smooth process. This article will tell you how to go about it!

Here are the... (More)

Setting-up Multiple Thank you Pages

The ‘Multiple Thank You Pages’ feature, allows you to show personalized thank you page messages to survey respondents.

You can either categorize your survey respondents and tag a specific thank-you page to them or trigger a thank-you, once a certain... (More)