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Creating Surveys
Creating Surveys

Create surveys easily with multiple features.

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Multilingual Surveys

Multilingual surveys let you translate your surveys into the languages of your choice. Respondents can have their pick from the list of languages and take the survey accordingly. Reach a wider audience on a global scale with Multilingual surveys!

For... (More)

Hi Mark - I just finished up somthing like you want to do. It was tricky - it all needs to be done via Display logic. My art brain had to work it backwards from the result on paper. I... (More)

You may mark it as required from the Build Page. 

Here is a screenshot for you reference:

How do I make questions mandatory to answer so you can't skip?

Adding 'Other Option' in Your Survey

The Other Option in question types enables the user to enter their custom answer apart from the multiple choices provided. If the user wishes to enter a choice which isn't listed in the survey, the Other option enables them to... (More)