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To whitelabel your survey, you can use:

Configuring a custom domain of your choice for your survey URL

When you build a survey with SurveySparrow, the survey link (for sharing surveys) by default has SurveySparrow's domain, i.e.,
However, if you wish to have a custom domain of your choice, like your organization's name, as the survey URL,... (More)

Configure custom email addresses of your preference to send out your email surveys

When you send out your survey by email, the default email address the survey is sent with ( has SurveySparrow's domain.
But, if you wish to have a custom domain for the email address instead, for eg.,,... (More)

Securing the custom domain URLs with 'https'

SSL is a security protocol for establishing a secure connection between your browser and the application. The 'https' that precedes a URL implies that the data sent between your browser and the application is encrypted. Thus, the connection established is... (More)