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Configuring a custom domain of your choice for your survey URL

When you build a survey with SurveySparrow, the survey link (for sharing surveys) by default has SurveySparrow's domain, i.e.,
However, if you wish to have a custom domain of your choice, like your organization's name, as the survey URL,... (More)


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To whitelabel your survey, you can use:

Configure custom email addresses of your preference to send out your email surveys

When you send out your survey by email, the default email address the survey is sent with ( has SurveySparrow's domain.
But, if you wish to have a custom domain for the email address instead, for eg.,,... (More)

Securing the custom domain URLs with 'https'

SSL is a security protocol for establishing a secure connection between your browser and the application. The 'https' that precedes a URL implies that the data sent between your browser and the application is encrypted. Thus, the connection established is... (More)