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Good Morning everyone, We are a university and we provide online courses. We send surveys to our students before their final exam in order to get feedback on our course's and service's quality. This allows us to better the quality of the services and courses we provide for our students. We currently send around one survey per month. We are growing the number of courses we provide and each course will have a survey send out before students take their final exam. These are our needs: Question answered via multiple choice answers and text fields An automatically generated report is required, it needs to include the following information: Rate in percentage (Number of participants survey sent to / Number of participants that answered the survey) Average satisfaction rate for each question (Ex: Rate your teacher from 1 to 10, the average given by all students needs to be given) Average of averages (Ex: There are 4 questions, each having an average of 5 we would like an average of the scores 5,5,5,5 which would be 5) Each question and the answer of each student written down in the report Creation of contact list to send survey to Possibility to merge multiple contact lists Anonymity of answers, we should not be able to trace who an answer belongs to Send reminder to students who did not answer a survey while keeping anonymity Moodle API - Sync users with contact list (CRUD) Onelogin API - Sync users with contact list (CRUD) Templates for reports (Save a template and apply it to all sent surveys) Template for emails Is SurveySparrow a tool that fufills our needs ? Thank you

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