Skip Logic lets you direct your respondents to a different set of questions in the survey, based on their responses.This way they can skip all the irrelevant questions without having to see it. 

Skip Logic reroutes the survey flow based on particular criteria. You can define the criteria based on response to a question, contact information, survey share channel or custom param. Once the criteria has been met you can:

  • Branch to another question in the survey based on the current/previous question’s response.
  • Branch respondents to a Thank You page and complete the survey.
  • Redirect respondents to an external URL.

Let’s see how we can enable Skip Logic:

  1. Select the question where you want to enable Skip Logic. Click on the Logic icon that appears below your question.

       2. Select Skip Logic and add the criteria you wish to add to the question.

       3. After adding the criteria, you can select the action from the ‘Then Jump To’ dropdown menu. The actions include branching to another question, a Thank You page or redirecting to an external URL.

       4. Preview your survey to make sure that your questions follow the desired route. Then proceed to Design. 

Use case:

For an event feedback survey, you can skip questions asking about the event for those individuals who didn’t attend. 

So for individuals who attended the event:

And for those who didn’t attend: