We’ve approached the month of Halloween, and what better way to kick it off than with our newest treats for you to feast? Let’s dig in!

  • You can now pass variables to surveys once a Salesforce event occurs. All you need to do is pick an object, select a field as a variable, and you’re all set. 
  • Customers can now pay in SGD with our Stripe integration’s latest currency addition! Experience the benefits of more choices and a wider scope for revenue. 
  • We have more APIs for you! Automate tasks such as creating and updating teams, users, and workspaces. 

NPS adds more to its suite of integrations

  • Gather ample insights on your NPS survey with Google Analytics integration. Monitor survey traffic, customer demographics, and behavior. 
  • Track and assess the effectiveness of NPS campaigns with Facebook Pixel integration. Optimize your surveys for improved brand advocacy. 

3 must-read blogs of the month 


Learn how to design a fail-proof closed loop feedback process from the customer experience thought leader, Annette Franz! Enrich your minds as she offers her expertise on how you can reap the benefits of a successful Voice of Customer program. 

See you next month with a whole new batch of additions!

Until then, Cheers, and Stay Safe!
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