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Product Updates


Hi, patrons! It’s been a while.

Let’s catch up on everything that happened this past month, shall we? We’ve got many more features & enhancements ready, just for you.

  • You can now automate survey shares when an event happens in... (More)


Greetings! Hope you're all enjoying your summer. While you're sipping on some lemonade in the hot summer breeze, let's take a look at the latest features this month!

  • In a world full of boring meetings with severe disorganization, emerges Rate... (More)


Summer is here. Rising temperatures and oodles of sunlight to bask in. So while we enjoy this season to the fullest(while maintaining social distance, of course), let’s dive into the newest and coolest features this month to beat the heat!... (More)

Marvelous May

We’ve got some shiny new upgrades and enhancements this May. So suit up, check your fuel, and prepare to launch yourselves into the newest features this month!

It’s the Age of NPS!
Just like Captain America has his shield and... (More)