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All announcements from the SurveySparrow team. 

Multilingual NPS Surveys

Multilingual surveys for NPS lets you translate your NPS surveys into the languages of your choice. Respondents can have their pick from the list of languages and take the survey accordingly. Reach a wider audience on a global scale with... (More)


Hello Sparrows,

While you're having fun creating pretty surveys, let's make it more fun by letting you know about these super cool enhancements we brought to the store.

  • How're you tracking your survey campaigns? Forget about the responses, have you... (More)


Hey, there!

With the balmy summer on its way, we’ve got some refreshing enhancements for you.

  • Ever fancied having at-a-glance visibility over all your survey data? Yes, that’s right, Executive Dashboards are here! Now you compare & correlate survey responses,... (More)

Introducing our New Avatar!

We are super excited to introduce our brand new Avatar!

In three years, we have grown from a survey tool that helped collect feedback to an intuitive platform that delivers end-to-end experience solutions. The new logo spots our mascot, Sparrow,... (More)